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Mabrouk Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of joy and sharing, a blessed month where Muslim believers fast from sunrise to sunset, it is a time of solidarity, reflection and charity.

During this month Moroccan and religious traditions are also more visible, which can be an interesting experience for visitors and tourists who wish to learn more about Moroccan culture, the markets are animated day and night with fruits and vegetables and traditional cakes, this would be an opportunity to taste the most diverse and tasty cuisines of North Africa, known for its richness in spices, herbs and dried fruits, as well as its variety of savory and sweet dishes.

Don’t miss the chance to taste this cuisine, you won’t regret it.

For visitors who are not Muslims, they are not obliged to fast at all as restaurants and cafes in Morocco remain open to welcome non-Muslim Moroccans as well as tourists, and they offer international and traditional dishes such as Tajine, Couscous, Pastilla etc…

And don’t be embarrassed to eat in front of your friends or Muslim guides because they are used to it.

But everything is closed during Ramadan, right?

Certainly not, the schedules change, but most of the stores and museums remain open, generally in the morning everything is open but in the afternoon the establishments close a little early.

In the evening don’t miss walking around the mosques to see hundreds and thousands of believers praying, it can be a very inspiring moment, as well as the celebrations of the night of laylat al-qadr, one of the holiest nights of Ramadan.

Although elsewhere you can find parties that will make you dance, soft or hard music according to your taste and delicious meals until the sunrise.

In conclusion, visiting Morocco during Ramadan is a good opportunity, you will discover the most authentic cities like Casablanca/ Marrakech/ Tangier/ Rabat emptied of tourists.

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