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Explore Morocco’s splendor over 10 days: Journey through deserts and mountains with our adaptable 4×4 vehicles!

Embark on a captivating journey to Morocco, where diverse landscapes, rich culture, and historical treasures await Discover the magic of this enchanting country as you traverse from sweeping deserts to majestic mountains, experiencing warm hospitality and unique adventures along the way. To make this adventure even more captivating, , Dhamnacar offers a range of versatile 4×4 vehicles, specially designed to adapt perfectly to this exceptional journey.

Day 1 and 2: Casablanca – Marrakech

Kickstart your exceptional adventure by opting for the rental of one of our 4×4 off-road vehicles. . Discover the charm of Marrakesh and Casablanca, two iconic Moroccan cities that offer distinct yet equally captivating experiences.

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Day 3: Marrakech – Ait Benhaddou – Ouarzazate

Utilizing our variety of versatile vehicles, you’ll have complete freedom to explore the splendid sites of Ait Benhaddou and Ouarzazate. :Uncover the captivating journey that awaits, where ancient mud-brick architecture and cinematic landscapes intertwine.

Day 4 and 5: Ouarzazate – Tordra Gorge – Merzouga (Desert)

Prepare to face the desert’s Merzouga heat in comfort with our fleet of air-conditioned vehicles. 4×4 Embark on a remarkable journey to  Tordra Gorge and Merzouga, where nature’s artistic prowess is on full display Delve into the breathtaking beauty of Tordra Gorge’s intricate rock formations, Tordra Gorge followed by the mesmerizing landscapes of Merzouga’s golden sand dunes.

Day 6 and 7: Merzouga – Midelt – Ifrane – Fès

Succumb to the diversity of landscapes and cultural enchantment that await during this leg of your journey. From Midelt to Ifrane, and through to Fez, immerse yourself in a memorable and immersive experience.

Day 8: Fès – Chefchaouen

Take advantage of our 4×4 vehicles to discover why visiting Fès and Chefchaouen is an unforgettable experience. Uncover the rich history and captivating charm of Fez, then let yourself be enchanted by the picturesque blue streets of Chefchaouen, creating a fascinating journey between tradition and natural beauty.

Day 9: Chefchaouen – Tanger

Explore two Moroccan gems promising captivating discoveries. From Chefchaouen’s unique blue ambiance to the dynamic port city of Tangier, immerse yourself in an adventure that blends traditional charm and modern vibrancy.

Day 10: Rabat – Casablanca

Discover why visiting Rabat and Casablanca is a rewarding experience. Entre le caractère historique et politique de Rabat et le dynamisme cosmopolite de Casablanca, explorez deux facettes distinctes du Maroc moderne, offrant une immersion unique dans la culture, l’architecture et l’ambiance vibrante du pays.


By opting for our car rental service and our extensive range of 4×4 vehicles, you’ve made the perfect choice for undertaking this journey across Morocco.. With our versatile fleet designed to adapt to the diverse conditions of Moroccan regions, you’ve been able to experience an unconstrained adventure, exploring the wonders of the desert and the magnificence of the mountains.

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